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mercoledì 16 gennaio 2013

Solar Heat Challenges Photovoltaics as Power Source (Scientific American, January 14, 2013)

Solar Heat Challenges Photovoltaics as Power Source
Concentrated solar power may surpass photovoltaics as the solar technology of choice because the sun's heat is more easily stored

By Umair Irfan and ClimateWire

Along with the sun's light, our closest star's heat is an ample source of renewable energy, which generators can harness in ways that overcome one of solar energy's biggest shortcomings.
Using mirrors, developers can focus the sun's rays to produce industrial heat or generate electricity, often using materials that can store the energy, as well. In theory, it is a very simple idea and certainly is not a new one. Legend has it that Archimedes used large, polished mirrors to torch Roman ships during the Second Punic War.

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Solar thermal technology offers the ability to store energy as well as turn sunlight into electricity. Pictured: Rendering of BrightSource's Ivanpah Solar Power Complex. Image: Flickr/pgegreenenergy

venerdì 4 gennaio 2013

Lo stato di salute del solare termodinamico. intervista Gianluigi Angelantoni intervista Gianluigi Angelantoni, amministratore delegato Angelantoni Industrie spa e Presidente di Archimede Solar Energy, per parlare del mercato del CSP in Italia e all'estero, della concorrenza del fotovoltaico, della centrale sperimentale Enel di Priolo, dell'evoluzione del progetto Desertec e dei piani industriali della sua azienda.
Di Alessandro Codegoni, 20 dicembre 2012